Must haves for Airbnb hosts

A lot of first-time Airbnb hosts ask this question. What do I need to provide to my guests, and what items don’t matter? There are definitely some items that will make your guest’s life and, more importantly, your life much easier. We’re going to go through the top things that we believe improve their experience and help deflect some of the questions that your guests might have.

1. Contact Information

If you’re out of town, your guest should have a way to contact you and/or someone on your behalf. This info should be a name and a phone number where they can get in touch with someone 24/7.

2. Check in & check out times

Be clear on this. You want to avoid surprising your guests or the inverse and you also want to have time to clean your place before your next day. For this reason, it’s critical that your guests know when they need to check out and that you have at least a three-hour pocket between your stays.

3. Wifi password

This one’s a biggie. People really like having access to the Internet, and they really do not like being away from it. If you want to avoid urgent texts that rapidly increase with hostility over time, make sure they have the Wi-Fi password.

4. Neighborhood information

Part of the reason people stay in Airbnb is for the experience. They like feeling like a local, and they enjoy having the inside track on what’s great about the neighborhood. A few recommendations on great restaurants, bars, entertainment, etc., can go a long way to making your guests’ experience great.

5. Fire extinguisher.

City to city, the laws can be hazy about what you need to provide for your guests’ safety. What the law is and what is the right thing to do are not always the same. Do the right thing and provide a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector if the unit has a gas stove as well as a smoke alarm.

6. Clean sheets

Have clean sheets and then more sheets to spare. Why? Because dirty sheets are gross, and, also, this is the biggest time suck for you when you’re flipping from guest to guest. Having a few extra sets of sheets can help you get your next guest in without needing extra laundry time.

7. Clean towels

Your guests deserve clean towels, and they’re going to be upset if they don’t have access to them, and because you should be laundering them between stays, make sure to have a few extra sets so that you will have some flexibility on a quick turnaround.

8. Coffee maker and coffee

Some people may want to cook a full meal in your place, another checklist for another time, but a lot of them, like us, enjoy bars and restaurants and don’t really care about the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen just makes us feel guilty about all the money we’re spending outside of it. That said, at home and on vacation, most people like starting their day with coffee, so we recommend having a coffee maker and coffee readily available.

The extra touches you can add to make a guest experience are limitless, but the list we just went through hopefully will help you.

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