How to claim from the Road Accident Fund without a lawyer

Thousands of South Africans and tourists are involved in road accidents each year. Drivers who are not at fault must file a claim with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) to get compensated for their damages and injuries. Families of road accident victims must also follow the same process. Below, you will discover more about RAF and how to file a claim without an attorney.

What Is the Road Accident Fund?

The RAF was established in 1996 as part of the Road Accident Fund Act. The insurance fund was specifically designed to provide coverage to all motorists who utilise South African roadways. It also compensates victims who are not at fault for their injuries and damages.

Who Is Covered?

Any motorist – including both citizen and foreigner – who is involved in a motor vehicle accident in South Africa is covered under RAF. However, any motorist who is deemed to be at fault of an accident is not eligible for compensation. Only motorists who can prove that they were not at fault are eligible for compensation.

Hiring An Attorney

One of the first things most motor vehicle accident victims do is hire an attorney. While it is true that an attorney can take on most of the responsibility for filing a RAF claim, it costs the victim quite a bit of
money. Fortunately, filing a RAF claim is not that terribly difficult. In fact, the entire process is only comprised of a few easy steps, all of which can be done without previous experience.

Document Gathering

The first step to filing a RAF claim is gathering information. The key to securing compensation is good documentation and proper documents. One of the first thing motor vehicle accident victims should do is gather personal information from the other drivers and witnesses. Be sure to collect the name, address and phone number of all the witnesses at the scene. It will also play in your favour if you collect a statement from each witness. As far as the other drivers go, you will need their phone number, address, full name and vehicle make and model. If possible, take pictures of the accident scene. All of this information will be utilised as part of the claim.

Before you submit your RAF claim, you must have your medical records and police report in hand. These documents will need to be submitted, along with the relevant information that was collected at the scene, to the Road Accident Fund.

Accident Report Form

The accident must be reported to RAF within 14 days of the incident. Fill out the Accident Report Form and submit to the RAF before the deadline. Only hard copies are accepted.

Third Party Claim Form

Third-party claimants must complete the Third Party Claim Form. The form is very self-explanatory, so it should not take longer than 30 to an hour to complete. To secure compensation, be sure to fill in every blank and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Signatures Required

Your signature, along with your medical practitioner’s signature is required to secure compensation. Scan all of the forms, making sure all relevant information is included. Sign and submit to the address provided by RAF.

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